Digging Deeper into Art and Virtues during Uncertainty

During the summer of 2020, I developed and taught new weekly Visual Fitness workshops.  They focused on artworks connected to timely Virtues including: Resilience, Endurance, Fortitude, and Strength through Service.  Participants discovered much more than they initially saw in the artwork and related this to their life experiences in shared group discussion and Marking & Mapping on paper.

“The workshop was so cathartic, therapeutic, empowering, supportive, educational and authentic. It was exactly what I needed… today.”

 “The variety of images and how Renee Sandell “wove” these images together into a compelling and optimistic theme about resilience and endurance during this difficult time.”

“I’m kinda starting over again as an artist and a citizen of earth – trying to be more present. I find it very helpful to talk about our perceptions – our seeing the world. I’m working on re-seeing everything.”

The workshop helped me remember that I have strengths to draw on during this difficult time. It also reaffirmed my belief that community is essential to our well being. You helped us feel connected to each other through art. Thank you.



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