Invited talks about Visual Fitness and its Importance

This fall I gave several invited Zoom presentations on Visual Fitness and its applications; Each session engaged participants in deep exploration of an artwork connected to a timely virtue as well as our experience of the 2020 Pandemic. I presented “Learn to See More: Riding The Great Wave & the Pandemic” for two arts organizations: Rockville Art League and Smith Center for the Healing Arts.

In September, I presented “Visual Fitness 4 All®:  A Balanced Way of Seeing® Art and Museums” to docents  and staff at the North Carolina Museum of Art.  This interactive training session focused on the art of John T. Biggers and the virtues of Fortitude. After using FTC to explore Shotgun, Third Ward #1 from Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, DC, participants applied their discoveries by using an FTC Palette to interpret the John Biggers’ 1994 “Untitled” painting in their own collection.  The workshop ended with a conversation about using FTC to decode the museum itself, as a work of art.   One docent shared the following testimonial:

“…Her talk was well organized and her delivery of the information was succinct and perfect. I will definitely incorporate her ideas into my future tour planning…  I think Renee’s ideas will work well with all ages of museum visitors. Her presentation would be appreciated by many at the museum including many of the guards who love to share what they know.” 


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