FTC Palette

A Visual Tool for Decoding and Encoding Information

Utilizing relevant CRITERIA with EVIDENCE, the FTC Palette is an open-ended, interdisciplinary, and exploratory approach that fosters balanced seeing for deeper insight. This creative tool helps visualize the process of decoding and encoding meaning in art, museums, and other phenomena.

Engaging in the process of balancing formal, thematic and contextual qualities, viewers begin to see “the big picture” while discovering meaningful insights, assessments, and questions. Designed to activate divergent thinking by generating and “mixing” information to find connections across disciplines, the FTC Palette helps viewers develop enhanced critical thinking skills resulting in multiple forms of literacy and visual fitness.


“Likened to the process of consuming an artichoke, from its tough outer layers to the essence of its delicious heart, the FTC Palette is designed as an easily-accessible, hands-on, single-page device to help viewers discover complex layers of meaning.”

—Renee Sandell

Art is a qualitative visual language that,
like poetry, explores HOW, in contrast to WHAT, something is.

–Renee Sandell