Visual Fitness Workouts & Events:

With the changing of the seasons, consider developing your Visual Fitness through new ways of seeing art and understanding our complex visual world.  Whether you take a single workshop or multi-session course, you will make new discoveries about yourself as you explore and express your authentic visual voice. Select and register below for one or more Visual Fitness Workouts, designed to inspire your innate creativity and insights.

Join us on Zoom—from anywhere—and surprise yourself! No previous art experience necessary. All levels welcome: from novice to professional. Bring a friend or family member to share a unique, eye-opening experience. Custom-designed private Visual Fitness lessons for individuals are now available, upon request.  Any questions?   Feel free to contact me.

NOTE: Registration links will be posted when available.  Thank you for your interest and patience.

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Shotgun Painting





Chagall painting




 “… thank you for providing an interesting and useful framework that I will continue to explore.”

“Allowed me to take time out of my isolation to see a familiar piece of art differently… Sharing and hearing other people’s insights and experiences was healing for me.”


 “It was insightful, inspiring and a transforming experience for me; It felt GREAT to take the time to use my eyes and connect them to my heart.”