Summer 2020 Workshop Offerings: Art, Life, & the Pandemic

Using a Balanced Way of Seeing® with Renee Sandell, PhD

Visual Fitness to SEE MORE

Renee Sandell will lead you through engaging, interactive, hands-on visual fitness experiences. Participants will explore works of art to discover meaning and relevance in today’s uncertain world. These two hour sessions offer a community building experience and all levels are welcome.

Workshops are held on Zoom and participants will be provided with links and passwords once they have made a purchase.

 “This was a carefully considered “workout” that respected the experience of each of us and demonstrated ways a work of art from another century is a superb guide to help us focus on current concerns and issues.”


Find out more details about individual workshops, click the images below.


 “It was really useful to me to connect this piece of work to what is happening around us with this pandemic and what is happening to me personally.”


“Allowed me to take time out of my isolation to see a familiar piece of art differently… Sharing and hearing other people’s insights and experiences was healing for me.”


 “It was insightful, inspiring and a transforming experience for me; It felt GREAT to take the time to use my eyes and connect them to my heart.”