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Visual Fitness to SEE MORE

During the summer of 2020, I led weekly Visual Fitness Zoom workshops. Through careful examination of artworks, we explored  Pandemic-relevant virtues — Resilience, Endurance, Fortitude, and Strength.  Participants from all over the US became a virtual, multigenerational community as these Visual Fitness “workouts” became online retreats for meaningful learning, healing, and connecting.

This fall, I will be offering “on request” customized workshops designed for specific groups interested in discovering A Balanced Way of Seeing®. These workshops will be focused on using Form+Theme+Context (FTC)® and/or Marking & Mapping® to engage groups of participants in deeper learning engagement, community building, and healing.  Please contact me so that together we can plan a unique and meaningful learning experience designed specifically for your group.

Custom-Designed LIVE Offerings:

  • Art & Virtues during the Pandemic interactive workshops
  • Hands-on Visual Fitness trainings for Engaging Creativity and Insight
  • Keynote lectures with Q & A discussion for Professional Development

Tailored to meet specific interests, needs and goals of community groups, businesses, and organizations including schools, museums, and professional associations:

  • Workshops can be single or sequenced sessions.
  • Workshops can range from social gatherings to professional development trainings and events.
  • Group sizes can range from 6 to 40 participants.
  • All levels are welcome; no previous art experience necessary

 “FTC is definitely more active, as it calls for the viewer dig deeper and think critically about the work, the artist, social issues and history. FTC encourages its participants to make connections.”

” I have seen this painting number of times before. This time I noticed things I had not seen before that made the analysis of the painting peel away layers of meaning had not noticed before the workout.”

Please contact me so that together we can plan a unique and meaningful learning experience for your group.

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 “Personally, it was wonderful to have open and compassionate sharing at a time when it’s hard to see friends and gather in a welcoming group. Renee was able to create that kind of virtual space and that is a gift. Professionally, I didn’t know the work of John Biggers and he’s someone I want to know.”

 “I think the way that Renee framed the discussion and the group interaction was unique and distinctive. I’m in many zoom meeting. None of them really develop the sense of closeness that was achieved in this meeting unless the participants were friends before the meeting.”

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