FORTITUDE: Community, Persistence, and Our Lives!

Join me for a hands-on, interactive art “workout,” designed to strengthen your tenacity and courage. This workout began in commemoration of Juneteenth 2021.  It will focus on the virtue of fortitude as we discover layers of meaning in John T. Biggers 1966 painting, Shotgun, Third Ward #1. Together, we will explore the significance of this work addressing racism, violence, and social justice as well as its timely relevance to the Pandemic’s aftermath and impact in 2021. Reflecting on past moments in our lives requiring our strength, perseverance and courage, we will rediscover sources of fortitude needed for our challenging times ahead.

  • Experience a hands-on, interactive art “workout” on Zoom
  • No previous art experience necessary
  • Emailed post event: Fortitude Resource PDF

We never gave up. We didn’t get lost in a sea of despair. We kept the faith. We kept pushing and pulling. We kept marching. And we made some progress.”                                                                         —John Lewis

Image Credit: Shotgun, Third Ward #1  by John T. Biggers (1966)  Smithsonian American Art Museum Washington, DC