Riding The Great Wave, the Pandemic,
and Our Lives!

    Join me for an introductory, hands-on, interactive art “workout,” designed to strengthen your resilience. We will use my Balanced Way of Seeing® method to explore layers of meaning in Hokusai’s The Great Wave. We will examine the significance of this work and its timely relevance to the Pandemic and our current lives.  Reflecting on past “Great Wave” moments in our lives, we will rediscover sources of resilience needed for the challenging issues in times ahead

    • Experience a hands-on, interactive art “workout” on Zoom
    • No previous art experience necessary
    • Emailed post event: Resilience Resource PDF

    “We cannot live for ourselves alone.
    Our lives are connected
    by a thousand invisible threads…”

    Ashok K Chauhan

    Image Credit: Hokusai, Katsushika, The Great Wave Off Kanagawa, From “Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji, 1823-29 Color woodcut, 10 x 15″ Metropolitan Museum of Art